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CHEM 181
David Harpp

pages 226230 Colouring with Food DyesStory of Purple Kool Aid which contains both blue and red food dyes The blue colouring reacts with yellow pigments in bile to produce green stoolFood dyes have been associated with hyperactivity in children bronchospasm in asthmatics and cancer in rats But these accusations need to be examinedIn the 18th and 19th centuries unscrupulous merchants used various coloured substances to spruce up foods that were spoiled or of poor qualityo Pickles were coloured with copper sulphate toxic mercury and lead salts were used to dye candy and thorn leaves were coloured with copper acetate so that they could be sold as Chinese tea o Now food additives need to go through many safety tests before they are allowed o But this does not mean that dishonest people dont slip bad things inPara Red and Sudan Itainted products in the UK the two dyes are illegal because they have been shown to be carcinogenic in animalsRisk to humans was small but it was not comfortingThe possibility of adverse reaction cannot be ruled out Humans are very diverse o Doctor who had abdominal cramps due to Sunset Yellow food dye FDC yellow 6 found in corn bran cereal and JellO o A more common reaction that is still rare is to another yellow dye tartrazine FDC yellow 5 Up to 20 of patients with asthma are sensitive to Aspirin and suffer acute bronchospasms swelling and hives upon exposure o Roughly 10 of these people are also sensitive to tartrazine and have to be careful to avoid itIn the 1970s Benja
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