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McGill University
CHEM 181
David Harpp

Page 205208 IMPROVING TASTE WITH ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURSArtificial strawberry flavor tastes more like real strawberries than natural strawberry flavor does o The amount of natural strawberry flavor that is sold around the world annually exceeds the amount that could possibly be produced from all of the strawberries grown around the world by a factor of 3 o Basically natural flavouring does not mean that all of the flavours must come from strawberries It just means that all of the components have to come from natural sourceso Using strawberry juice would be the ideal but there is just not enough in the worldSo a flavor chemist flavourist has to reproduce the flavor and aroma of strawberries aroma is a major contributor to taste by blending together readily available natural components Real strawberry juice is used as the base but other substances such as the essence of cloves or extract of orrisroot are added with the hope of mimicking an overall strawberry aroma and taste The result will be a close approximation to the actual flavor but not identical to ito Over 300 compounds have been identified as components of natural strawberry flavor and this particular mix cannot be reproduced exactly by blending natural substances that do not originate from strawberries But blending artificial or synthetic substances can come closeThe creation of artificial strawberry flavor requires the expertise of analytical chemists synthetic organi
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