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CHEM 181
David Harpp

MANIPULATING GENES IN OUR FOOD pages 25926313 of Europeans believed that tomatoes contain genes only if they have been genetically engineeredEven when pasteurization came about people fought it saying that ingesting dead bacteria was bad and that it took out all of the nutrients from milk Even now they say similar things saying that raw milk is a freedom of choiceNo one can guarantee that genetically engineered food will have no pitfalls We cannot promise it to be 100 safe but it is also silly to only partake in things that are 100 safe take airplanes for example Like with airplanes the benefits with GM foods outweigh the risks Important to note is that just because big pharma benefits makes money this does not mean that it is bad for us A lot of research has gone into genetically engineered foods and its safety aspects Testing for allergens in modified foods has been going on since the inception of the technologyo Eg in one case adding a Brazil nut gene to soy beans in order to increase the quality of the protein for improved animal feed resulted in the transfer of an allergen This was detected and the soy beans were never marketedo We dont ban other foods that people have allergies to and these are more prevalentMaybe we can GM peanuts to remove the allergenPeople against GM foods claim that we should be happy with crossbreeding plants to make them better
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