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CHEM 181
David Harpp

HORMONES IN MEAT pages 284287Europeans have banned the use of hormones as growth promotrs in cattle in the late 1980s while in North America we still do this o This is because the evidence so far has been nonconclusiveSteroidal hormones added to food or implanted into the ears of animals increase growth by about 20 and allow farmers to use 15 less feed than in untreated cows This leads to lower costs of meat1928 Britain Charles Dodd first synthesized a compound that mimicked natural estrogen diethylstilbesterol DESo Could be taken orally prevented miscarriage treated menstrual problems menopausal symptoms and morning sicknesso DES also caused poultry to gain more weight faster o Problems claims that it caused breast growth in males exposed to it that it caused premature puberty in young girlsTherefore it was banned in poultry and lamb production in 1959 o It continued to be used in cattle even though it was linked to the rare form of vaginal cancer in the daughters of women who had taken it during pregnancyTherefore it was banned in animal feed in 1979 even though no residues in commercial meat were detectableOther ideal hormone candidates estradiol progesterone and testosterone since animals naturally produce these things o Once it w
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