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David Harpp

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THE MYTH OF DETOX pages 343346Detox advocates claim that our modern lifestyle floods the body with toxins It seems as though they mean pesticide residues food additives and environmental pollutants such as PCBs dioxins plasticizers and mercuryo However things such as sugar salt meat and dairy also get tossed in with the other toxic things o They claim that these toxins lead to weight gain headaches bloating fatigue lowered immunity and dulllooking skinBut our bodies are engaged in detoxification all the timeBBC study women from a rock concert chosen to go on a detox diet or a healthy diet Creatine levels were measured in the urine to determine the health status of that organ Blood was tested for vitamins C and E indicative of antioxidant potential as well as for aluminum which is often targeted as a significant toxin by detox proponentso No significant differences were noted between the groupsPeople may feel better due to the elimination of caffeine and alcohol less food consumed and also near starvation can trigger a boost in energy and even feelings of euphoriaHowever it is not nutritionally sound to think that the body will forgive our dietary
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