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CHEM 181
David Harpp

SUBSTANCES LEACHING FROM PLASTICS pages 309316We ingest dozens of substances that leach out from plastics into our foods and beverages o Plasticizers that make plastics soft and pliable stabilizers and catalysts used in linking small molecules or monomers into the long chains polymers that characterize plastics residual monomers and some polymer decomposition productso Are they dangerousChain emails say yesClaire Nelson Arkansas high school student who learned that a plasticizer called DEHA diethylhexyladipate is found in plastic wrap and that the FDA had never investigated whether or not the carcinogen migrates into food during microwave cooking She did an experiment where she heated up plastic wrap and olive oil and measured DEHA levels higher than the 005 bbp that the FDA recommends as the maxHowever this actually HAD been investigated before they DID have a maximum recommended amount after allAlso her experiment was not realistic those are the conditions that maximize leaching The concern is that some plasticizers such as DHEP
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