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CHEM 181
David Harpp

pages 7477 BEANS AND INOSITOL PENTAKISPHOSPHATEBeans can apart from causing gas reduce the risk of heart disease and cancerAn intervention study would be most useful one group prescribed beans the other is the control group and both are followed over many years but instead often casecontrol trials are used o In these case control trials a group of patients suffering from a certain disease is compared with a roughly equal number of healthy people matches for age lifestyle etc This was done by researchers from Harvard University when they tried to figure out the factors responsible for heart attacks in Costa Rica RESULT eating a third of a cup of beans a day reduced the likelihood of suffering a heart attack by close to 40 It was not clear what it was in beans that led to this as they are rich in many compounds such as folic acid magnesium vitamin B6 alphalinolenic acid and fibre each of which in theory may have an effect on heart functionAnother way to get insight into the causes of disease are population studies the health status of a large number of initially healthy subjects is continually monitored as are their lifestyles Individuals fill out diet surveys and their diets are subsequently analyzed for food components o STUDY Nurses Health Study they followed thousands of nurses some of which developed breast cancer It was postulated that this cancer was due to lack of antioxidants in the diet particularly flavonols So they investigated the amount of app
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