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CHEM 181
David Harpp

ACRYLAMIDE IN FRIED AND BAKED FOODS pages 276279Farmers in Bjare peninsula noticed that some of their animals just staggered about Fish breeders in the area also complained about a lot of dead fish o They blamed a sealant used to make a tunnel waterproof which contained polyacrylamide The polymer is not dangerous but acrylamide is and polyacrylamide is made by joining up acrylamide o However polymerization is not always complete and some acrylamide is left Acrylamide can show up in drinking water therefore its toxicity is extensively studied Polyacrylamide is used in water treatment to trap suspended impuritiesIt can cause tumors and neurological problems when given to test animals WHO listed a max dose of 05 ppbillion in drinking water But the concentration was much higher in Bjare o Workers in the tunnels had also been complaining of numbness in the extremities a likely sign of acrylamide toxicityMargerita Tornquist of Stockholm University investigated and looked at acrylamide exposure among workerso She compared their blood samples to regular Swedish populationo The workers had a high level but so did other people in SwedenThey must have been exposed but it was determined not to be from the dietAnalysis of a lot of common foods showed acrylamide to be present in potato chips French fries bread cookies and crackers also in Swedish crispbreadThe source
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