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Textbook Notes for Chemistry at McGill University

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MCGILLCHEM 120Laura PavelkaWinter

CHEM 120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Volume Fraction, Crystal Growth, Electrolyte

OC48879910 Page
18 Sep 2016
Chapter 12: the properties of mixtures --solutions and colloids. Ion-dipole: principal forces involved when ionic compound dissolves in water: forces c
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MCGILLCHEM 110Bryan SanctuaryFall

CHEM 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Bohr Model, Louis De Broglie, Pauli Exclusion Principle

OC4142942 Page
8 May 2012
Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy transmission in which electric and magnetic fields are propagated as waves through empty space (a vacuum)
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MCGILLCHEM 183Kevin Francis CaseyFall

CHEM 183 Chapter Notes -Hormesis

OC468133 Page
8 Apr 2014
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MCGILLCHEM 110Laura PavelkaFall

CHEM 110 Chapter 6: Quantum Theory and Atomic Structure

OC131718710 Page
3 Dec 2016
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MCGILLCHEM 110Bryan SanctuaryFall

CHEM 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Significant Figures

OC414295 Page
8 May 2012
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MCGILLCHEM 222Karine AuclairWinter

Hemiacetal and Acetal Formation.doc

OC364443 Page
21 Mar 2012
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MCGILLCHEM 181Mitchell HuotWinter

CHEM 181 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Dental Caries, Sodium Cyclamate, Xylitol

OC13154142 Page
7 Mar 2017
It is slowly metabolized by the body and sits in the colon and ferments there. Exploding diarrhea: condition associated with the overuse of sorbitol. D
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MCGILLCHEM 110Christopher BarrettFall

CHEM 110 Chapter 8.4-8.5-8.6: chapt. 8

OC13154144 Page
10 Dec 2016
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MCGILLCHEM 110Tomislav FriscicFall

CHEM 110 Chapter Notes -Patina, Sodium Sulfide, Garlic Salt

OC3304004 Page
15 Oct 2014
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MCGILLCHEM 120Laura PavelkaWinter

CHEM 120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Enzyme Inhibitor, Init, Vant (Band)

OC4887995 Page
18 Sep 2016
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MCGILLCHEM 183Ariel FensterFall

CHEM 183 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Peanut Allergy, Elimination Diet, Lactose Intolerance

OC22577592 Page
31 Oct 2017
Midterm 1 mycourses reading 2: food allergy, a test called an oral food challenge is the gold standard to rule out an allergy. Then after 20 minutes or
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MCGILLCHEM 183Joshua SchwartzSummer

CHEM 183 Chapter Notes - Chapter MT1: Peanut Butter, Dermatology, Coenzyme Q10

OC11414853 Page
7 Jun 2018
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