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Curriculum and Instruction
EDEC 248
Lerona Dana Lewis

SLEETER READING: LEARNING TO BECOME AN ALLY Race Relations from a White Perspective  white people have long history of getting in way of progress of people of colour & reinforcing/ benefitting from everyday racism  whites are the most segregated & isolated racial category in the USA  racial identity refers to sense of group or collective identity based on one’s perception that he/she shares a common racial heritage with a particular racial group  racial identity development theory posits stages marked by shifts in perspective & self identity as people move from seeing unequal race relations as normal to working actively for racial justice  whites & people of colour experience racial identity development differently  different positions in racial order, different experiences with racism  as one struggles with racisms, become better at recognizing & challenging it in a moral defensible & effective way What Do “They” Think of Me?  white people at contact stage see people of colour but assume existing racial order to be normal; maintain sense of self esteem & hold positive feelings about idea of blacks  whites grow up ignorant of racism  white person unaccustomed to working with students of colour often afraid of being perceived as racist & looks to students for confirmation they are a “good” white person  occupying role of teacher hinders noticing systemic privilege since teachers usually occupy higher status than students  interactions with people of colour gradually lead to disintegration of many racist assumptions  disintegration  term for white people’s initial recognition of racism What Do I Know About Them?  Civil Rights Movement didn’t end racial
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