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Article Summary - Acemoglu et al.

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Economics (Arts)
ECON 426
Sonya Laszlo

Farees Zubair - 260356490 1 ECON 426 - AS 2 SUMMARY Title: Women, war, and wages: The effect of female labor supply on the wage Structure at mid-century Authors: Daron Acemoglu, David H. Autor, David Lyle Source: Journal of Political Economy Date: June 2004 Keywords: Female labour supply, wage structure, World War II Main hypotheses/questions: • Effects of increased female labour supply during WW2 on male and female wages • Whether the distribution of increase in female labour supply is correlated with mobilization rates of men for war drafts? Main results: • Male and female labour are ‘imperfect substitutes’ with an elastic substitution • Rapid increase in female employment from 1940-45 a result of labour demand shock due to WW2 mobilization; it was higher in high-mobilization states • Female employment in 1950 remained higher than 1940 levels due to better information, changed preferences and perspectives • Female employment increased mostly for young women who were at least high school graduates; Women enterin
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