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Ed Psych & Couns (Psychology)
EDPE 300
Camelia Birlean

1: EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND TEACHER DECISION MAKING Teaching Connections  educational psychology: a discipline encompassing psychological principles and theories related to learning, motivation, child & adolescent development, individual and group differences, and psychological assessment, especially as these topics relate to classroom practice OOPS – A Pretest  Ormrod’s Own Psychological Survey o how much do you know about how students learn/develop & about how teachers can best help them achieve? 1. children 5 years old & up are natural learners & know best way to learn without being taught (F) o most naïve about how to best learn & use inefficient strategies o many don’t engage in elaboration (learners expand on new information based on what they already know) 2. boys and girls are both very similar in mathematical & verbal aptitudes (T) o difference in average performance too small to worry about 3. best way to learn & remember new fact is to repeat it over & over (F) o better than nothing, but ineffective 4. students have many misconceptions about world but quickly revise thinking when teacher presents info contradicting their beliefs (F) o students hold strongly to beliefs despite contradictory evidence 5. students misjudge how much they know about topic (T) 6. taking notes during lectures interferes with learning more than it helps (F) o note taking facilitates helps store information into memory more effectively & allows them to review information at a later time 7. when teacher rewards student for behaviour, behaviour of other students improve (T) 8. anxiety helps students learn & perform better in classroom (T) 9. when children tutor classmates, only the student being tutored is helped (F) 10. ways teachers assess students’ learning influence what & how students actually learn (T) o ie/ students spend more time studying things they think will be on the test Drawing Conclusions from Psychological and Education Research  descriptive study: describes situations; researchers draw conclusions abo
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