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Ed Psych & Couns (Psychology)
EDPE 300
Camelia Birlean

EDPE 300Educational PsychologyC Birlean Fall 2012 3 PERSONAL SOCIALMORAL DEVELOPMENT Factors That Influence Personal SocialMoral Developmentstudents grow personally socially morallyacademically at schooltemperamental differences o temperament tendency to respond in particular ways to ones physicalsocial environments o children have certain personalities from birth cheerful vs fussy o genetic origins activity level adventurousness shyness irritability distractibilityeffects of parenting o attachment strong affectionate bond formed between childanother individual parent usually formed early in childs lifewith amiable independent self confident cooperativewithout immature dependent unpopular disruptive aggressiveo authoritative parenting characterized by emotional warmth high expectationsstandards for behaviour consistent enforcement of rules explanations of reasons behind rules inclusion of children in decision makingwith happy energetic selfconfident likable make friends easily self controlcontrolling unhappy anxious lacking social skillspermissive selfish unmotivated impulsive disobedient harsh defiant explosive unpredictableabusive emotional difficulties low self esteem judgementbeliefs about ones own general valueworth o research on parenting typically correlationalshows relationships between parenting styleschildrens characteristics not that parenting styles cause certain characteristicseffects of culture o different cultures encourage different behaviours o socialization moulding a childs behaviour to fit the norms and roles of the childs society o norms societys rules for acceptableunacceptable behaviour learnt through socialization o roles patterns of behaviour acceptable for individuals with different functions within a societyo children learn earliest lessons about societys expectations from parentsteacherso culture shock sense of confusion when student encounters culture with very different expectations for behaviour than the expectations with which the student has been raised peer influences o peers influence developmentexamples providing direct feedback offering comfort etcDevelopment of a Sense of Self students have general feeling of self worthgoodcapable or ineptunworthy cognitive competence students have general beliefs about academic abilityperformancesocial competence students have general beliefs about their ability to relate to other peoplephysical competence students have general beliefs about their ability to engage in physical activities self concept ones perceptions of and beliefs about self differing beliefs depending on taskself efficacy belief that one is capable of executing certain behaviours or reaching certain goals
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