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Madhav Badami

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Badami 2009 – Pedestrian Accessibility Urban transport planning is fundamentally about moral and political choices. Traffic fatalities are said to become the 5 leading cause of death by 2030  those causing them are least affected Emissions and congestion are most widely cited issues Transport takes 57% of global oil consumption “In a nation of pedestrians, the pedestrians have been rendered a third class citizen”  transport systems are becoming less and less walking accessibly Countries are spending HUGE amounts of money to develop road networks as a method of “modernization” Indian cities are investing A LOT in roads and transit (train, bus) but LITTLE on facilities for cyclists and pedestrians Congestion has been viewed as the largest transport problem  This is expensive and FUTILE. Building roads to reduce congestion is a vicious cycle. Texas Transportation Institute said “broader solutions must be applied to the problem” In India walking has become hazardous: no footpaths, no infrastructure to safely cross etc. Things are “designed as if people on food did not exist” The poor benefit the least from UT infrastructure but are affected most severely by motor vehicle activity and least able to cope with impacts.  SOCIAL JUSTICE Ped. Access.  enabling people to walk safely, conveniently, and seamlessly from wherever they might be to wherever they might want to go at a time of
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