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Chapter 09/11

HIST 202 Chapter Notes - Chapter 09/11: Barter

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HIST 202
Catherine Desbarats

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9/11 Cartier's First Voyage
c departs from st. malo w/ 2 ships
enters NA at “st catherine’s harbour”
visit to isle of the birds--bounty/exploit of nature
further encounters w/ animals
“bay of castles”
observation of newfoundland nature, geography
naming of st. cath’s island
noting of geography, resources (fish)
many islands, again noting animal resources
noting good harbours, bad soil
noting “savage” people, differences in clothes from eur
more noting of geography
exploitation of nature
killing “thousands” of birds
find better land
think they may find passage to asia
more geography, more naming
spots more “savages” but doesn’t interact
later tries to pursue one man, but isn’t successful
continues to discover good flora/fauna, but no harbours
see “2 fleets of savage canoes”--outnumbered
indg people want to trade (?--cartier doesn’t recognize this)
c doesn’t trust signs of friendship, attempts to leave
indg people pursue him, c must fire guns 2x to get them to give up
next day, indg people come to c’s camp, this time successfully trade (skins for metal
again run into indg people, are given food, barter, women stay back
c thinks people will b “easy to convert”
later, encounter different group of 200+ “savages,” who had migrated to area to fish
recognizes that this group is distinct, but still great disdain for lifestyle
give them “trinkets”
again, women stay back
judges them to be thieves
c erects ornate, symbolic cross
leader protests
c kidnaps 2 indg people
nation seems to accept this (? bias)
indg people seem to agree to leave cross alone (? maybe? bias)
more geographic exploration
decide to head home
encounter more indg people
eventually return home
all told journey is 20 april-5 september, 1534
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