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Chapter 09/18

HIST 202 Chapter 09/18: 09-18 Greer, The Urban Landscape

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HIST 202
Catherine Desbarats

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9/18 Greer, The Urban Landscape
qc city
port city
mountain backdrop
lower city--merchants, buildings close together, narrow/rough, wet streets,
church, small market
upper city--ppl of “quality,” office-holders, tradesmen, chief buildings of town
gov’t/church buildings
houses of governor/intendant--also functioned as workplaces/social
places for “polite” society
designed to awe public
● governor
representative of the king
typically military man, member of french noblesse
commanded colonial armed forces, conducted diplomatic relations w/ indg ppl,
brit colonies
shared some powers w intendant
● intendant
legally trained administrators, financial expertise, experience in french naval
oversaw judicial syst, handled gov’t accounts
supposed to cooperate w gov
less prestige, but more real power
could get into power struggles w governors
● bishop
authority over churches, other religious insts, including hospital/religious colleges
closely allied w/ gov’t bc was strong component of public power
worked w gov’t to keep new france catholic
many religious doctrines were also law
appointed by french king
tho could still denounce immorality coming from high places/people
sometimes conflicted w/ governors
clergy was exempt from tax systems
church presence was strongest in towns
ran college--for very small % of population
ran hospital--more like an asylum for indigent/disabled
christian charity was abt the giver--not solving social problems
● commerce
qc city=seaport, trading town
merchants controlled legal im/export trade
dependant on credit from french suppliers
had upper hand in trade w/ inland mtl traders
most enterprises were individual operations
typically no insurance
thus, diversified business to minimize risk
combined ex/im, wholesale, retail, commercial, industrial operations
webs of acquaintance across new france+beyond helped transmit market info,
decide whether to grant credit
no banks, so credit info was essential
relationships in gov’t were helpful--especially during wartime when $$ could be
made by supplying military
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