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Chapter 11/13

HIST 202 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11/13: Urt

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HIST 202
Catherine Desbarats

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11/13 Defalco, Dunn, Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian’s View of the Hudson’s Bay
1670--HBC given full monopoly over “rupert’s land” area exclusively occupied by indg
not the king’s land/people to give
1970--HBC still v respected by govt members, citizens, espec elites
shows how complete white domination of historic narrative is
trot out indg ppls for celebrations
bargain btwn crown/company resulted in exploitation of indg ppls
before HBC, no land ownership, migratory lifestyle
early white trappers saw indg expertise
rifle introduced
as indg ppls grew dependent on rifles, white men gained more power
would jack prices way up, cheat indg ppls out of money
domination of HBC/later can, hurt indg cultural pride
company sold land to crown--land that didn’t belong to it
got nations to cede land thru treaties
created status and non status
tho even status benefits r not really anything--largely symbolic
pushed indg ppls onto remote, undesirable lands
in the north, traditional lifestyles continue longer
fact that indg ppls were original north americans, that they made it possible for white
domination, is not relevant
seen as anachronistic group
poverty, death/infant mortality rates, v high
meanwhile, HBC prospers off dept stores
still profits off indg arts, furs still trapped by indg ppls
make huge profits off furs, but pays trappers next to nothing
HBC is only place to sell furs/buy goods from the south
jacks prices of goods way up
rely on bay stores for credit
but HBC doesn’t care abt indg welfare
passes off responsibility to govt
bay stores are also often post offices
that’s where welfare checks come in
store managers will make indg ppls spend welfare checks only in the store, can’t
go to coop
HBC encourages overkill of game
then, govt imposes strict regulations
so, even when can sell fish/game to coop for fair price, the quantity that can b
caught is limited
pollution/industry also hurts indg ppls
contaminates land/water
govt got mineral rights from HBC--another thing they didn’t own
as hunting/fishing lifestyle becomes less and less viable, indg ppl forced into
wage-labour industry jobs
which there aren’t even enough of
and HBC can leave whenever it wants, leaving indg ppls w/out access to southern goods
indg cultures/traditions attacked by govt/church
sacred traditions repeated as a show of pride
HBC stores allows small white minority to control indg communities
to question HBC’s economic domination is to question whole western socioeconomic