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Chapter 11/20

HIST 202 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11/20: Gradual Civilization Act

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HIST 202
Catherine Desbarats

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11/20 Gradual Civilization Act
supposed to encourage “gradual civilization of indian tribes,” remove indg legal
distinction, take indg ppls’ property
to have status
need to marry an indg person/be indg yourself
need to live on reserve
church/govt officials can “enfranchise” indg ppls/take status away if
indg male, 21 yrs+
can speak/read/write eng/french
of “good moral character”
free from debt
indg ppls can give up status if
male, 21-40 yrs old
can speak eng/french
“good moral character”
free from debt
requests “enfranchisement” in writing
enfranchised indg ppl must then go by baptismal name, lose land rights, put on a list, no
longer gets say in nation’s affairs
does get plot of land/payments from govt but they r specifically individual
if person dies and there is no one to inherit land, goes to crown (originally
allocated from nation’s reserve)
if status indg woman marries non-status man, she loses status, children are non-status
a white woman could get status by marrying status man
crown b/comes caretaker of indg orphans (and their land/property) under 21 yrs
crown held annuities from indg orphans/widows
under certain conditions, amt would b reduced
indg ppls can’t sell land allotted to them by crown
can attach reserves, in whole or part, to school sections/districts
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