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BUMSTEDCHAPTER 1 1Chapter 1 The Completion of Confederation 18671873Chapter Themes 1 Continental expansion and empire 2 Settling the West 3 Communication and transportation 4 Confederation o Whos included whos excluded o Why join at allLack of EnthusiasmTimeline pp 51865 Newfoundland Assembly debates Confederation1866 British Columbia and Vancouver Island are united1867o Dominion of Canada proclaimed July 1 o Parliament rejects petition for inclusion of Nova Scotia o William McDougall introduces resolution for Canadian expansion1868 Joseph Howe leads repeal delegation from Nova Scotia to London1869o Joseph Howe reluctantly supports Confederation and joins Canadian Cabinet o Newfoundland Governor Musgrave moves to British Columbia o Mtis Rebellion under Louis Riel organize provisional government1870o PEI rejects Canadas better terms o Thomas Scott executed by Riel followers o Red River colony joins Confederation as Manitoba o Wolseley expedition invades Manitoba1871 British Columbia joins Confederation1872 British Columbia achieves responsible government1873 PEI negotiates secretly with Canadajoins ConfederationThe Atlantic ProvincesNova Scotia pp46Initially included in ConfederationPublic wants out o 1867 British Parliament voteNova Scotia must stay BUMSTEDCHAPTER 1 1
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