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Chapter 2

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HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

BUMSTEDCHAPTER 2 1Chapter 2 Envisioning the New Nation 18671885Chapter Themes 1 Political economic cultural etc nation building 2 Structure of government 3 Public policy and national sentimentTimeline pp291868 Canadian National Series of readers introduced in Ontario schools1870 Dominion Notes Act passed1871 o Canada signs the Treaty of Washington o Bank Act passed1872 o Ontario Society of Artists forms o Dominion Lands Act passed1873 Pacific Scandal leads to resignation of Macdonald replaced by Mackenzie1875 Supreme Court of Canada established1876 o Treaty Six signed at Fort Carlton o Indian Act 1876 passed1878 Macdonalds Conservatives return to power1880 Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and National Gallery established1881 John Bourinot publishes The Intellectual Development of the Canadian People1882 The Royal Society of Canada established1883 QuAppelle Settlers Rights Association calls for reform1884 o Mercier tables resolutions on federal encroachment on provincial power o Riel returns to Canadasends long petition to Ottawa1885 o Battles of Duck Lake and BatocheRiel captured and tried o Canadian Pacific Railroad CompletedThe Quest for National PoliciesTensions with the United StatesCanada wants to keep American fishing boats outside a 3 mile rangeAmericans demanding reparations for damages done by Britishmade boats and arms during the Civil War the Alabama Claims disputeFenian radical Irish nationalist Raids in 1866 and 1870 from US into Canada BUMSTEDCHAPTER 2 1
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