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HIST 215
Sarah Waurechen

Eugenics and the Holocaust HITLER'S EUROPE • Ger. policies directed at extracting raw material for war • in every country overrun by them, Ger. find ppl willing to help • also find ppl ready to defy their occupation The Nazi "New European Order" • sought to exploit eco. resources of conquered countries • annexed disputed Pol. terr. it had claimed ◦ all upper class executed • direct Ger. admin in Ukr. and Belarus • repatriation of Germans in Pol., Lith., or SU under Ger. control • Norway and Denmark autonomous because Aryan enough • Hung. under increasingly close Ger. supervision • Yugoslavia divided into Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia states ◦ Muss. gets latter two, Hitler gets Serbia • crushing obligations on conquered lands, financial indemnities, Ger-biased exchange rates The "Final Solution" • "national community" means eliminating groups of outsiders • killing of mentally deficient and handicapped and alcoholics and homosexuals and depressed and schizos • Hitler wants assembly-line killing efficiency developed • 1939 Hitler tells Himmler (head of SS) to prepare for occupation of Pol. and SU • final solution is annihilation of Jewish race in Europe • mass execution of Russian prisoners and civilians so they can take their land • Oct. 1941 preparations for Holocaust ◦ Heydrich and other Nazi officials met in Wannsee to develop more systematic plan for genocide ◦ first in mobile vans using carbon monoxide ◦ then extermination camps ◦ striped uniforms and numbers tattooed • Croatia and Rom. carried out mass murder of Jews themselves • some protected the Jews ◦ Anne Frank ◦ Danes shipping them to Switz. • Italians had little interest in rounding up Italian Jews, looked the other way • Nazi doctors experiment on prisoners for pain thresholds and protective instinct • rumours of mass exterminations reach Br. and US 1942, but little is done ◦ final solution went on until the very end of the war Resistance to the Nazis • cost of resistance ◦ Czech assassinate Heydrich, Nazis destroy village and massacre many • resistance movements more effective where hills and mountains protect from Ger. troops ◦ southern Fr., Gr., Yugo. • Yugoslavia ◦ Communist Broz (AKA Tito) ◦ engages effectively Ger. in combat ◦ fought against the collaborationist Yugo
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