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HIST 215
Sarah Waurechen

Industrial Revolution Readings Reading 1: Thomas Laqueur (2 Parts to his Argument) 1. Were people having more or less sex? The Method a. More sex i. People are having sex more within marriages ii. People having illegitimate sex w/ prostitutes b. Possibility that sex isn’t increasing i. Birth rate can be going up b/c of declining mortality rate c. Responsive sexual society i. Methodism, Great awakening ii. Rationalism iii. Masturbation phobia d. Talking about sex i. Medical texts speak about masturbation ii. Doctors encouraging married couples to have “healthy” sex e. Conceptions of sex i. Desire 1. Malthus and Hume say that sexual desire increased by material desire 2. Sexuality is predicated on capitalism 3. Desire is what makes people want things and what makes them act 4. Prostitutes: Perversion of the social order manifests itself in perversion of society f. Mobility i. Unsupervised mobility of capital: 1. Of adolescents – sexualizing them early on 2. Of prostitutes – spreading sexuality ii. Stop mobility through 1. Vagrancy laws 2. Enforce sex only within marriage 2. Discourse about sex. The discourse a. Foucault: Power dynamics i. We used to display authority by physically abusing the body ii. Discourse enforces sexual power dynamics b. Methodology (Problems?) i. Does not talk about health of the mother 1. This is essential to determine the infant mortality rate 2. Doesn’t take into account mortality rate 3. Thus, can’t come to conclusion if there’s more sex based on method Reading 2: Adam Smith (On the Wealth of Nations) 1. Benefits of specialization and division of labor a. Economies of scale i. i.e. Pin makers (division of labor yields a higher output) b. Three kinds of people i. Those who live by r
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