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INTD 200
Karen Mc Allister

INTD 200- Reading 5 Development and Social Welfare/HR by J. Elliott Critical Development Studies - Early 21 century human wellbeing accepted as outcomes and conditions for sustained progress - Recognizing most ppl lack even the most fundamental goods resulted in insertion of critical sensibility o expansion in tools and measures for monitoring deprivation and progress worldwide - Theoretical developments: o Through 1990s big ideas (characterized by modernist tradition) overturned by poster modernists o Rights-based development gained strength Rights and development as separate concerns - 1940s and 1950s- ideas and development of that time were devoid of ethical considerations and separate from those marked out for development o development= economic groeth and modernization of traditional societies o welfare assumed to follow linear process of economic development o development quantified but GNP - Civil and Political rights (CP) and legal rights centered o Debate led by west o Emphasized material well being o Placed alongside international development agendas - 2 key intl covenants adapted yet they were considered to be separate from CP rights o covenants on CP rights and Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) rights The Basic Needs Approach - criticism o no account of distribution of national income o economic growth usually brought increases in absolute and relative poverty - direct approach required  Basic Needs approach (BNA)
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