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JWST 240 Chapter Notes - Chapter reading: Talmud

Jewish Studies
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JWST 240

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At the beginning of his career, Martin Luther was
apparently sympathetic to Jewish resistance to the
Catholic church
He expected Jews to convert to Christianity and when
they did not, he became violent towards them
He used violent and vulgar language throughout his
He believed that synagogues were places of evil and that
they were duping Christians
Did not want to tolerate the Jews living among them
because they knew they were lying and blasphemous
and if they shared their lives with them then the
Christians were become liars and blasphemous as well
He acknowledged that they could not convert the Jews
Wanted to set fire to the synagogues, schools and bury
whatever they could not burn so they could not see a
stone ever again
This had to be done to honour their Lord and
Christendom so God can see that they are true Christians
and they do not knowingly tolerate public lying, cursing
and blasphemy
He also advised that the houses should be destroyed
because they have the similar aims in their houses as
they do in synagogues
He wanted the Talmud to be taken from them
Rabbis should not be able to teach anymore
Their cash, silver and gold should be taken from them for
safe keeping
They have no other means of earning a livelihood
and they have robbed from the Christians all of
their earnings
If a Jew is successfully converted then he will be
rewarded with money so he could support his family
Reading: The Jews and Their Lies
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