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JWST 240 Chapter Notes - Chapter reading: Aryan Race, Dermatology, Venereology

Jewish Studies
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JWST 240

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From the 1860s Darwinian anatomists and doctors took the
lead in a public movement for anthropological studies
There were studies into the diversity of physique, skill
shape and cultural morphology of the inhabitants past
and present of the lands that formed Germany
Politically radical scientists, Virchow and Vogt were key figures
in founding associations and organizing excavations and
Armand de Quatrefages suggested the Prussian race was
corrupted by dark Mongoloid Finnish and Slavonic
elements that differed from true race in other religions
The true Aryans aristocrats were the French and Southern
There was a questionnaire sent to school teachers and reports
were received on 15 million school children
The findings were intended to settle the issue of whether
there had been intermingling of the Asiatic Aryans with
an aboriginal European population
The results showed that there many different physical
types in Germany
Among the Jews 11.17% had blond hair and many were
blue eyed
Racial stereotypes did not correspond with national
Darwinian biology set out to explain human origins and the
causes of human variations while accepting there was a single
human race derived from a common progenitor (single
Whereas biological anthropologists of the 1860s emphasized
how mankind was a single species, ethnological studies of
language and customs gave a sense of great rift between
Reading: Health Race and German Politics between
National Unification and Nazism
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