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JWST 240 Chapter Notes - Chapter reading: Robert Alter, Christian Mythology, The Past (Film)

Jewish Studies
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JWST 240

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Robert Alter argued that the Holocaust is not to be confused
with Jewish history or Jewish identity
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has become the central
symbol of the public memory of the Holocaust in America
We still have no overall histories of the Holocaust in a number of
European countries such as Germany, Poland and the USSR
Zygmunt Bauman argues that the reason the Holocaust occurred
was the spread of industrial, technological civilization
No one claims that there is a straight line from traditional
antisemitism to its Nazi form, nor does the background to the
Nazi's plans consist of only antisemitism
A theory is that the Nazi policy of murder of German mental and
other patients deemed to suffer from hereditary illnesses, the
so-called euthanasia program, the murder of Gypsies and Jews
were all based on racial (hereditary/genetic) principles and they
are all part of the Holocaust
The Nazis had purity of their own race and they saw Romani
people of being hereditary asocial criminals on one hand, and
the universal threat to Nazi humankind they saw in the Jews
The attitudes towards Gypsies were on the central part of the
Nazi ideology and there was no plan to murder all gypsies
The T4 program of murder of the handicapped was a derivative
of internal German-Nazi concerns
The Jews after the defeat of Nazi Germany were still
discriminated against, persecuted and reviled
One of the most terrible things the Nazis did was to deprive the
victims of a last satisfaction that their death might have some
In Christian mythology, the quintessential Jew was crucified to
atone for humanity's sins and when the people of the crucified
Messiah are murdered, the image seems to return
The Jews have to suffer, be victimized, that is their role in
Christian history
Reading: The Past That Will Not Go Away
Friday, January 10, 2020
4:39 PM
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