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JWST 240 Chapter Notes - Chapter reading: Weimar Constitution, Xenophobia, Franz Von Papen

Jewish Studies
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JWST 240

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In the fall of 1818 four ancient empires collapsed: the German,
Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman
The trauma of defeat and the collapse of ancient authorities
opened the floodgates to years of violence, revolution and
The postwar chaos ended into the 1920s but was restarted by the
Great Depression
When Germany faced defeat, those who had been most responsible
for the disaster - the leaders of the military - stepped aside and let
the democratic leaders take the blame
The allied powers were catalysts of sweeping changes in Germany
By the middle of 1818, the Allied blockade inflicted suffering
on Germany through widespread starvation, food riots,
political strikes
Woodrow Wilson said that peace could be made in accordance with
his 14 points, but that Germany would be held liable for all damage
done to the Allied property
Germany was given two weeks to withdraw from Alsace-Lorraine
from the terms agreed to in the armistice
The Kaiser abdicated his throne
In Germany there was only one revolution
The political shift of power in Germany had taken place the
last month of the war when the ruling elites composed of the
aristocracy, upper middle class and high command of the
armed forces were politically displaced
The largest of the left-wing parties was the Social Democratic Party
founded in 1875
In 1917 the Independent Socialist Party was formed to
establish genuine socialism in Germany and bring a halt to the
despised war
Between 1913 and 1933, Germany was subject to two major
documents: the Treaty of Versailles which determined how Germany
responded to foreign powers, and the Weimar constitution which
Reading: Germany's Turmoil, 1918-1933
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