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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 350
Celena Scheede- Bergdahl

Chapter 2 Preliminary health screening and risk classification 10/1/2012 12:21:00 PM Chapter Objectives 1. Understand the importance of classifying client’s health status and lifestyle 2. Know the variables evaluated by and focus of the various screening methods 3. Understand the importance of information obtained from clinical tests and which ones require and MC 4 Introduce procedures for hemodynamic assessment Preliminary Health Evaluation Twofold purpose: 1. Detect the presence of disease 2. Assess initial disease risk of client PAR Q - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire - 7 Questions - Identifies who needs medical clearance before fitness testing and/or exercise program initiation - One single “yes” means that medical clearance is required PARmed-X Recommend you have the form, makes the doctor an active participant (although it is time consuming) Bring in the form and tell the doctor you need it signed for X reasons Protects you, the participant and the doctor Medical History Questionnaire - Very detailed queries  Personal medical history  Recent diagnoses and signs and symptoms (S/S) of disease  Family medical history - Allows identification of  risk factors  absolute and relative contraindications for exercise testing, and  medications * Standard questions everyone ask than you may go more specific… A lot of genetic tendencies toward cardiovascular diseases, want to get to know the person Want to know what drugs they are on Beta-block  will not get max heart responses Signs and Symptoms of Disease - Checking for signs and symptoms of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and musculoskeletal problems or disorders protects you and the client - Appendix A.3 of book also helps identify risk factors for CVD - Medical clearance may be required depending on results of this questionnaire CHECKLIST FOR SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE *may have to deduce the disease passed on the signs and symptoms they have Important! - Be familiar with the absolute and relative contraindications to exercise testing! - What is the difference between absolute and relative contraindications? - Benefits of exercise outweigh relative risk of testing - Medical conditions or risk factors that outweigh the benefits of exercise testing * Absolute contraindications– DO NOT exercise these people Relative Contraindications – does exercising out way the risk of not exercising. Ex. Maybe person needs to be supervised when exercising LIFESTYLE EVALUATION - Helps you develop a well-rounded, individualized exercise program - Rounds out risk factor profile - Identifies lifestyle patterns and habits - Highlights possible challenges to adherence * Different approaches depending on results form lifestyle evaluation Individuals programs so that participants stay interested and want to come back FANTASTIC LIFESTYLE CHECKLIST * May be less appropriate for people that are fit. Do they need this add level of information. Informed Consent - A legal document (both parties sign) - Explains purpose of and procedure for each assessment - Itemizes possible risks and expected benefits - Ensures confidentiality in terms of data collected - Indicates client participation is voluntary - Allows parent approval (as appropriate) *Make sure everything is well documented so they know what to expect Assess Disease Risk Classification - See tables 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 for coronary risk factor analysis  Low CHD risk = asymptomatic with no more than 1 major risk factor (2.2)  Moderate CHD risk = asymptomatic with 2 or more risk factors  High CHS risk = 1 or more signs or symptoms of CVD, pulmonary, metabolic disease or with KNOW CVD, pulmonary or metabolic disease. After Risk Factors Are Assessed - Disease risk classification:  L
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