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Textbook Notes for Alex Drummond

MCGILLLING 201Alex DrummondFall

Phonology Notes

OC619233 Page
27 Oct 2012
Study of patterns + contrasts of speech sounds. Minimal pairs differ by 1 segment in the same position ex) tech - deck, sip - zip. Complementary distri
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MCGILLLING 201Alex DrummondFall

Morphology Notes

OC619235 Page
27 Oct 2012
The study of word structure + word formation. The system of categories + rules involved in word formation and interpretation. Long, complex words - agg
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MCGILLLING 201Alex DrummondFall

LING 201 Chapter Notes -Spritsail, Obstruent

OC619232 Page
27 Oct 2012
Nucleus: core, usually a vowel, sometimes consonant, required. Coda: consonants after the nucleus rhyme: the constituent of the nucleus + coda. Appendi
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