Chapter 2 notes

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McGill University
Mathematics & Statistics (Sci)
MATH 203
Patrick Reynolds

Math 203 Chapter 2 Classone category into which qualitative data can be classifiedClass frequencynumber of observations in data set that falls into particular classClass relative frequencyclass frequency divided by total number of observations in a data setClass class frequency x 100Example Aphasia is impairment or loss of faculty of using or understanding spokenwritten languageResearchers wished to determine which of 3 types of aphasia occurs most often in 22 subjectsQualitative dataClass BrocasClass frequency 5Class relative frequency 5220227Class 227 Pareto diagrambar graph with decreasing bar order Ex Gas MileageEPA test gas mileage of new car modelsFor certain new car models 100 cars were driven and the mileage was calculatedStemLeaf Displaypresents data in a convenient formatTake stem to be the portion of measurement to the left of the decimal and leaf to be portion to right of decimalStems listed in 1 column and leaf for each observation is listed in another columnExThe stemleaf display will containR codestitlereadcsv filenamecsv headerT type titledata will pop up
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