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Chapter 7

MGCR 271 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Statistical Inference, List Of Statistical Packages

Management Core
Course Code
MGCR 271
Glenn Zabowski

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MGCR 271 Business Statistics
Chapter 7: Inference for Distributions
The one-sample 𝑡 procedures do inference about one mean.
The two-sample 𝑡 procedures compare two means.
Matched pairs studies use one-sample procedures because you rst create a single sample by
taking the differences in the responses within each pair.
These 𝑡 procedures are among the most common methods of statistical inference.
The 𝑡 procedures require that the data be random samples and that the distribution of the
population or populations be Normal.
𝑡 procedures are widely used because they are not very strongly affected by lack of Normality.
If you can’t regard your data as a random sample, the results of inference may be of little value.
Recognize when a problem requires inference about a mean or comparing two means.
Recognize from the design of a study whether one-sample, matched pairs, or two-sample
procedures are needed.
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