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Chapter 2

MGCR 271 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Dependent And Independent Variables, Scatter Plot

Management Core
Course Code
MGCR 271
Glenn Zabowski

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MGCR 271 Business Statistics
Chapter 2: Examining Relationships
Data Analysis for Two or More Variables
The proper analysis depends on whether the variables are categorical or quantitative and on
whether one is an explanatory variable and the other a response variable.
When you have a categorical explanatory variable and a quantitative response variable, tools
can compare distributions of the response for the different categories of explanatory variable.
These tools include:
1. Side-by-side boxplots;
2. Stemplots;
3. Histograms (compare medians or means).
If both variables are categorical, there is no satisfactory graph (though bar graphs can help).
Recognize whether each variable is quantitative or categorical.
Identify the explanatory and response variables in situations where one variable explains or
influences another.
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