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Chapter 3


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Management Core
MGCR 222
Patricia Hewlin

Ch3: EMOTIONS AND MOOD WHAT ARE EMOTIONS AND MOODS?  Intro o Affect  Broad range of feelings including emotions & mood o Emotions  Intense feelings directed at someone or something  Action oriented  Very brief o Moods  Less intense feelings than emotions  Lasts longer  Cognitive in nature  Lack a contextual stimulus  The basic emotions o Anger o Fear o Sadness o Happiness o Disgust o Surprise o Pbs: cultural ref, no basic emotions…  The basic moods: positive and negative effects o Positive effect  Mood dimension consisting of >0 emotions  Cheerfulness, excitement, self-assurance… o Negative effect  Mood dimension consisting of nervousness, stress, anxiety… o Positivity offset  The Functions of Emotions o Do emotions make us irrational?  Yes  Carl Sagan, “Where we have strong emotions, we’re liable to fool ourselves”  No  Need to experience emotions to be rational  Bcs emotions = ++ of understanding of world  Sources of emotions & moods o Personality  Affect intensity o Day of the week & time of the day o Weather  Illusory correlation o Stress o Social activities o Sleep o Exercise o Age o Gender EMOTIONAL LABOR  Definition o An em
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