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Management Core
MGCR 222
Patricia Hewlin

Ch2: ATTITUDES AND JOB SATISFACTION ATTITUDES  Evaluative statements (favorable or unfavorable)  Main components o Cognitive component  Description of or belief in the way things are o Affective component  Emotional or feeling segment  Can lead to behavioral outcomes o Behavioral component  An intention to behave in a certain way toward someone or something o Attitudes // behavior  Does behavior always follow from attitudes? o Causal relation  Attitudes ppl hold determine what they do o Attitude follow behavior  Leon Festinger, 60s  Cognitive dissonance  Any incompatibility an individual might perceive btw 2 or more attitudes or btw behavior & attitudes  Inconsistency = uncomfortable so ppl reduce it  Moderating variables  Major attitudes o Job satisfaction  Positive feeling about the job o Job involvement  The degree of psychological identification to their job  Performance level // self-worth  Psychological empowerment o Organization commitment  Affective commitment  Emotional attachment  Belief in its values  Continuance commitment  Perceived eco value of remaining within an org  Normative commitment  Obligation to remain for ethical/moral reasons o Perceived organizational support (POS)  The degree to which employees believe the org values their contributions and cares about their well being o Employee engagement  An individual’s involvement with, satisfaction with and enthusiasm for, the work he does  Sense of empowerment  Ex: opportunities to learn new skills, availability of resources, interactions with co-workers…  If high, deep connection to the cie o Distinct? JOB SATISFACTION  Measuring it o Single global rating
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