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Chapter 4


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McGill University
Management Core
MGCR 222
Patricia Hewlin

Ch4: PERSONALITY & VALUES PERSONALITY  What is personality? o Definition  A dynamic concept describing the growth and development of a person’s whole psychological system  Sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interact with others o Measures  Personality test score  Self report surveys o Determinants  Heredity & environment  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) o 100 questions: how they feel or act in particular situations o Post-answers classifications:  Extraverted vs. Introverted  Social, outgoing, assertive vs. quiet, shy  Sensing vs. Intuitive  Practical, routines, order vs. unconscious processes  Thinking vs. Feeling  Reason, logic to solve pbs vs. personal values, emotions  Judging vs. Perceiving  Control, structured world vs. flexible, spontaneous o 16 personality profiles  Visionaries = INTJ  Organizers = ESTJ  BUT still too narrow  The Big 5 Personality Model o The 5 factors  Extroversion  Comfort level with relationships  Extraverts: gregarious, assertive, sociable  Introverts: reserved, timid, quiet  Agreeableness  An individual’s propensity to defer to other  High agreeable: cooperative, warm, trusting  Low: easily distracted, disorganized, unreliable  Conscientiousness  Measure of reliability  High: responsible, organized, dependable, persistent  Low: distracted, disorganized  Emotional stability  Labeled neuroticism  A person’s ability to withstand stress  Positive: calm, self confident, secure  Negative: depressed, anxious, insecure  Openness to experience  Range of interests and fascination with novelty  High: artistically sensitive, curious, creative  Low: conventional, comfort in the familiar o Prediction of behavior at work?  Extroversion  Better interpersonal skills  Greater social dominance  More emotionally expressive  Agreeableness  Better liked  More compliant  Conscientiousness  Greater effort & persistence  More drive & discipline  Better organized  Emotional stability  Less negative thinking  Less hyper-vigilant  Openness  Increased learning  More creative  More flexible  Other Personality Traits Relevant to OB o Core self-evaluation  If >0, perception of themselves as effective, capable & in control  Better performance  +++ Commitment  +++ Ambition  If<0, tend to dislike & question themselves o Machiavellianism  Pragmatic, emotional distance  Belief: ends can justify means  Manipulation o Narcissism  A person who has a grandiose sense of self-importance + entitlement + arrogance, requires excessive admiration  Toxic csq o Self-monitoring  An individual’s ability to adjust his behavior to external & situational factors o Risk taking o Type A personality  Always moving, walking & eating rapidly
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