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Management Core
MGCR 222
Patricia Hewlin

Ch16: ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE & STRESS MGMT FORCES FOR CHANGE  Changing nature of the workforce o Need to adjust to:  Multicultural environment  Demo changes  Immigration  Outsourcing  Technology  Eco shocks o Eco crisis o Elimination, bankruptcy or acquisition of E  Competition o Flexibility o Need of responsive workforce  Social trends  World politics RESISTANCE TO CHANGE  Sources o Individual sources  Habit  Security  Eco factors  Fear of the unknown  Selective info processing o Organizational sources  Structural inertia  Built-in mechanisms o To produce stability o Ex: selection processes, regulations…  Limited focus of change  Interdependent sub-system  Group inertia  Group norms  Threat to expertise  Threat to established power relationships  Threat to established resources allocation  Overcoming Resistance to Change o 8 Tactics  Edu & communication  Fights the effects of misinfo  Help “sell” the need for change  Participation  Building support & commitment  Develop positive relationships  Implementing changes fairly  Manipulation & cooptation  Manipulation: covert influence attempts  Cooptation: combination of participation & manipulation  Selecting people who accept change  Coercion APPROACHES TO MANAGING ORG CHANGE  Lewin’s 3 Step Models o Unfreezing the status quo  Status quo = equilibrium state  Need to overcome individual resistance & group conformity  Driving forces o Behavior away from status quo  Restraining forces o ++ Status quo o Mvt to a desired end state o Freezing the new change  To make it permanent  Kotter’s 8 Step Plan for Implementing Change o Establish a sense of urgency  By creating a compelling reason for why change is needed o Form a coalition  With enough power to lead the change o Create a new vision  To direct the change & strategies for achieving it o Communicate the vision o Empower others to act on the vision  By removing barriers to change  By encouraging risk taking & creative pb solving o Plan for, create & reward short term “wins” o Consolidate improvements, reassess changes  Necessary adjustments o Reinforce the changes  By demonstrating the relation btw new behaviors & org success  Organizational Dev (OD) o Definition  Collection of change methods that try to improve org effectiveness & employee well-being o Underlying values  Respect for ppl  Responsible  Conscientious  Caring  To be treated with dignity  Trust & support  Authenticity  Openness  Power equalization  De-emphasize hierarchy & control  Confrontation  Not swept under the rug  Participation o 5 OD techniques  Survey feedback  Employee POV on range of topics  Process consultation  Outside consultant to assist a client to perceive, understand and act upon process event  Sensitivity training  Emphasizing involvement  Dealing with interpersonal pbs  Disadvantages o Task oriented o Only guidance  Team building  High interaction act  To increase trust & openness  ++ Coordinative efforts  ++ Team performance  Dev of interpersonal relations  Intergroup dev  To change groups’ attitudes, stereotypes & perceptions  // diversity training  Steps o Listing the perception of ourself & the other o Sharing the list o Identify causes of ≠ o Attempt to improve relations: INTEGRATION  Appreciative inquiry  Accentuate on the positive o Focus on successes  4 steps o Discovery  Identify the E’s strengths o Dreaming  Use discovery info to speculate on future o Design  Common vision of the org’s future  Agree on its unique qualities o Destiny  Write action plans  Dev implementation strategi
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