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McGill University
Management Core
MGCR 222
Patricia Hewlin

Ch13: CONFLICT & NEGOTIATION DEFINITION  A process stat begins when 1 perceives another is about to negatively affect what the 1 one cares about  Wide range o Incompatibility of goals o ≠ over interpretations o Disagreements over expectations TRANSITIONS  Traditional view o Bad & to avoid o Associated with violence, irrationality & destruction o Dysfunctional outcome resulting from  Poor communication  Lack of trust  Lack of openness  Failure to respond to employees’ needs  Interactionist view o Encourages conflict  For change & motivation o ≠ types  Functional  Supports the goals of the group  Improves its performance  Constructive form of conflict  Dysfunctional  Hinders group performance  Destructive  Task  Content & goals of the work  Relationship  Interpersonal  Process  How the work gets done THE CONFLICT PROCESS  Stage I: Potential opposition o Communication  Sources  Semantic difficulties  Misunderstandings  Insufficient exchange of info  Too little or too much o Structure  Leadership styles  Reward systems  Member-goal compatibility  Degree of dependence among members  Diversity o Personal variables  Personality  Type A, self-monitoring…  Emotions  Values  Stage II: Cognition & personalization o Perceived conflict o Felt conflict  When individuals become emotionally involved  Experience anxiety, hostility, frustration  Stage III: Intentions o Concept  Btw people’s perceptions & emotions and their over behaviors  Decisions to act in a given way o 2 dimensions  Cooperativeness  Degree to which 1 attempts to satisfy the other’s concern  Assertiveness  Degree to which 1 attempts to satisfy his own concern o 5 conflict handling intentions  Competing  When 1 seeks to satisfy his own interest  Regardless of the impact on others  Collaborating  When parties in conflict desire to fully satisfy the concerns of all parties  Cooperation o Search f
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