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McGill University
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MGCR 331
Imad Mansour

Chapter 1: Settingthe Stage: Technology andthe Modern Enterprise Section 1: Tech’s Tectonic Shift: Radically Changing Business Landscapes - Learning Objective: o Appreciate how in recent years, technology has helped bring about radical changes across industries and societies - Social media:  Catalyst for global change - Technology can capture injustice, broadcast it to the world, disseminate ideas, and rally the far-reaching - U.S. does not held the number one ranking in home broadband access  Ranked 15th - Open source software powers most of the web sites - Cloud computing and software as a service are sophisticated, high-powered computing into a utility available to even the smallest businesses and nonprofits Section 2: It’s your revolution - Learning objective: o Name firms across hardware, software, and Internet businesses that were founded by people in their 20s or younger - Entrepreneurship has no minimum age requirement. - The ranks of tech revolutionaries are filled with young people o Several leading firms and innovations are founded by young people in ages of 20s. Section 3: Geek up – Tech is everywhere and you’ll need it to thrive - Learning objective: o Appreciate the degree to which tech has permeated every management discipline. o See that tech careers are varied, richly rewarding, and poised for continued growth. - Tech skills are becoming more important in all other management disciplines - Moore’s Law:  As computing gets both faster and cheaper, it gets “baked into” all sorts of products and shows up everywhere  Outsourcing push technology costs lower - Finance: o Tech is part of personal investments o Usage of tech:  Transfer of funds  Selling shares to finance the acquisition of tech-based trading platforms that were threatening to replace it  Invest money in technology o Tech isn’t a commodity for finance – it’s the discipline’s lifeblood - Accounting: o Accountings are all recorded, stored, and reported by info systems. o Reliability of auditing is related to reliability of underlying tech - Marketing: o Tech provides a way to track and monitor consumer activities or even analyze campaign results o Rise of social media = part of this blown-apart marketing landscape o Social media is used to generate sales, improve firm’s reputations, better serve customers, and innovate o Search eng
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