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Chapter 3

MGCR 331 Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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Management Core
MGCR 331
Richard Donovan

1. Information systems – Chapter 3: Zara – Fast fashion from Savvy systems 3.1 Introduction - Zara is part of the multibrand empire of Inditex Corporation - Situated in La Coruna - Shuns advertising, rarely runs sales - Inditex is highly vertically integrated, keeping huge swaths of its production process in-house Why study Zara? - One of the fastest global expansions the fashion world has ever seen, opening one store per day and entering new markets worldwide Gap: An icon in crisis - Inventory = death - When sales went down, he started chasing the youth market by filling his stores with miniskirts, low-rise jeans, and purple leather pants - Bad bets on colors and styles - Closure of hundreds of stores Contract manufacturing: Lower costs at what cost? - Leveraging cheap contract manufacturing in developing countries can keep the cost of goods low  There are downsides, to have the low-cost bid, contract firms skimp on safety, ignore environmental concerns, employ child labor, and engage in other ghastly practices - Bangladesh Rana Plaza disaster - Brand damaging  repel new hires, turn off customers, leave current staff feeling betrayed Tech for good: The fair factories clearinghouse - Even well-meaning firms can find themselves stung by corner-cutting partners that hide practices from auditors or truck products in from unmonitored off-site locations - Reebok  Human dignity key platform for its philanthropic efforts  Vice president of Human rights  Created the non-profit organization Fair Factories Clearinghouse (to share the info) - Suppliers across industries now recognize that if they behave irresponsibly the Fair Factories system will carry a record of their misdeeds, notifying all members to avoid the firm 3.2 Don’t guess, gather data - Zara’s store managers lead an intelligence-gathering effort that heavily influences the products that the firm produces  Ask question about colors, length, round/v-neck  Preferences in cloth, color, styles  Send the insights back to headquarters  Motivated to use the systems because they have skin in the game (store sale performance, ++10% of the firm’s overall profit increase shared across all firm employees) - Information on what’s selling is also tallied via the stores’ point-of-sale (POS) system (cash register) - Leverages staff to gather more dada via PDA and other means  What customers want to see on the shelves at a given location Design - Follows evidence of customer demand - 300 designers - 30,000 items a year (VS. 2000 to 4000 offered at like H&M) - Relies heavily on young, hungry Project Runaway types fresh from design school Manufacturing and logistics - 15 days to get an idea to stores (versus new styles once or twice a season) - 12X faster than Gap despite offering roughly 10X more unique products - H&M takes 3 to 5 months to go from creation to delivery - Responsive through a competitor-crushing combination of vertical integration and technology-orchestrated coordination of suppliers, just-in-time manufacturing, and finely tuned logistics - Vertical integration: When a firm owns several layers in its value chain - Nearly 60% is produced in-house - Inventory optimization models help the firm determine how many of which items in which sizes should be delivered to each specific store during twice-weekly shipments - Fabric is cut and dyed by robots in 23 highly automated factories  40% - Half of the fabric arrives undyed - When cotton price
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