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Chapter 7

Vocab Chapter 7

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McGill University
Management Core
MGCR 331
Richard Donovan

Chapter 7: Social Media, Peer Production, and Web 2.0 - web 2.0: the internet services that are targeted at harnessing the power of the Internet to empower users to collaborate, create resources, and share information in a distinctly different way than the static Web sites and transaction-focused storefronts that characterized so many failures in the dot-com bubble. - social media: technologies that support the creation of user-generated content, as well as content editing, commenting, curation, and sharing. o Coincided with the rise of mobile computing - Peer production: when users collaborate to create content, products, and services. - See diagram in book Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 - Blogs: web logs --- emerged a decade ago as a medium for posting online diaries. - Key features of blogs (know/common sense) - Benefits of blogs for corporations o Immediate and unfiltered distribution of their ideas w/ no limits o Immediate feedback from readers o Directly to the public - Most mainstream news outlets use blogs - Downsides of blogging o Hothouse for spam and the disgruntled o Employee blogging difficult to control o Public postings can “live forever” - Wiki: a website anyone can edit directly within a Web browser - Available both as software that firms can install on their computers and as hosted online services (subscription or ad-supported) - Key features o All changes are attributed o Revision history is maintained o Automatic notification and monitoring of updates o All pages are searchable o Specific pages can be classified under an organized tagging scheme - Some organizations employ wikimasters - Trolls/griefers and partisans regularly alter pages , but usually recognized in seconds and changes on Wikipedia - Firms need to keep their eyes on wikis - Version tracking – wiki sees all – firms that overreach and try to influence an entry outside of Wikipedia’s mandated neutral point of view risk a backlash and public exposure. - Social networks: online communities that allow users to establish a personal profile and communicate with others. - Hundreds of firms have established pages on FB and LinkedIN – legitimate customer-and-client engagement platforms. - Firms have also created internal social networks or can buy through a third- part (EG SelectMinds and LiveWorld) - Twitter: a microblogging service (
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