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Chapter 7

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Management Core
MGCR 331
Emma Vaast

I IntroductionWeb 20 A term broadly referring to Internet services that foster collaboration and information sharing characteristics that distinctly set Web 20 efforts apart from the static transactionoriented Web sites of Web 10 The term is often applied to Web sites and Internet services that foster social media or other sorts of peer productionPeer production When users collaboratively work to create content products and services Includes social media sites open source software and peerproduced services such as Skype and BitTorrent where the participation of users provide the infrastructure and computational resources that enable the serviceTechniques such as crowdsourcing are also a type of peer productionA new generation of Internet applications is enabling consumers to participate in creating content and services online Grown rapidly most with remarkably little investment in promotion Nearly all of these new efforts leverage network effects to add value and establish their dominance and viral marketing to build awareness and attract usersMany Web 20 services often leverage the wisdom of crowds to provide insight products or ideas that can be far more accurate or valuable than those provided by a smaller group of professionalsII Blogs Blogs Web logs Online journal entries usually made in a reverse chronological order Blogs typically provide comment mechanisms where users can post feedback for authors and other readers long tail phenomenon In this context refers to an extremely large selection of content orCreated a products The long tail is a phenomenon whereby firms can make money by offering a nearlimitless selectionSeveral key features common to most blogs 1 Immediate and unfiltered publication2 Ease of use3 Comment threads Readers can offer comments on posts 4 Reverse chronology Easy to see the most recent content 5 Persistence Posts are maintained indefinitely at locations accessible by permanent links 6 Search ability Current and archived posts are easily searchable 7 Tags Posts are often classified under an organized tagging scheme 8 Trackbacks Trackbacks Links in a blog post that refer readers back to cited sources Trackbacks allow a blogger to see which and how many other bloggers are referring to their content A trackback field is supported by most blog software and while its not required to enter a trackback when citing another post its considered good netiquette to do soBlog rolls A list of a bloggers favorite blogs While not all blogs include blog rolls those that do are
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