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Chapter 8

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Management Core
MGCR 331
Emma Vaast

Chapter 8 FacebookIntroductionFacebook was founded by a nineteenyearold college sophomore and eventual dropout It is currently the largest social network in the world boasting more than four hundred million members and usage rates that would be the envy of most media companies While revenue prospects remain sketchy some reports have valued the firm at 15 billion based largely on an extrapolation of a Microsoft stakeShort Short selling is an attempt to profit from a falling stock price Short sellers sell shares they dont own with an obligation of later repayment They do so in the hope that the price of sold shares will fall They then repay share debt with shares purchased at a lower price and pocket the difference spread between initial share price and repayment priceDoes Facebook Want to Eat Your Firms Lunch Enveloping Markets across the InternetFacebook is gradually turning on features that allow it to leverage its massive user base to encroach on a wide swath of Internet businessesFacebook is the place most go to share clips they only want friends to seethreat to Youtube Facebook team with Warner Bros to stream rentals Facebook has become the firstchoice communicationthreat to emails Facebook office Facebook threat to googleDark Web Internet content that cant be indexed by Google and other search enginesThe Web may be endangered by Facebooks colossal walled garden Walled garden A closed network or single set of services controlled by one dominant firm Cloud A collection of resources available for access over the Internet Much of what powers the site is open source software OSS The service runs on the Linux operating system and Apache web server softwareFacebook also developed its own media serving solution called Haystack Haystack coughs up photos 50 percent faster than more expensive proprietary solutions and since its done inhouse it saves Facebook costs that other online outlets spend on
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