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Management Core
MGCR 382
Hermann Juergens

International Business Part I Self-Review Questions Not important: Dates, which EU countries involved in which round, GDP numbers, members countries of specific unions Essay questions: examples, concepts Chapter 4 – Culture  What are the characteristics of culture (4)?  How are social stratification and social mobility related?  Give some examples of differences in verbal and non-verbal communications  What is Hal’s Low-Context—High-context Approach?  What are Hofstede’s Five Dimensions? Chapter 10 – International Cooperation  What are loopholes and exceptions allowed under the MFN principle?  The WTO was created in _____ at the _____ round  What is national treatment?  According to TRIMS, developed countries may not: (3)  List the 5 degrees of economic integration (low to high) + examples for first 4  List and describe the 4 (or 5) levels of governance in the EU. What are their roles?  What is harmonization and mutual recognition in the EU? Chapter 11 – International Strategic Management  What are the 3 sources of competitive advantages for international business?  Describe the 4 strategic alternatives o Degree of global efficiency and local responsiveness/flexibility?  What are the 4 components to consider in strategy deployment (questions that firms ask themselves before entering the global market)?  List the 3 corporate strategies  List the 3 business strategies o What is the difference between diversification and differentiation? Chapter 12
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