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Textbook Notes for Microbiology and Immun (Sci) at McGill University

MCGILLMIMM 465Albert BerghuisFall

Chapter 11: How Bacteria Became Resistant to Antibiotics

OC127889 Page
Chapter 11: how bacteria became resistant to antibiotics.  reduced uptake across cytoplasmic membrane y prevents entry of antibiotics into cytosol, wh
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MCGILLMIMM 465Albert BerghuisFall

Chapter 10: Antimicrobial Compounds

OC127887 Page
Killing versus inhibiting growth y the first key concept is the key difference between bactericidal and bacteriostatic compounds: bactericidal, bacteri
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MCGILLMIMM 314Dr.PalfreeFall

MIMM 314 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Respiratory Burst, Kupffer Cell, Mannose

OC128703 Page
Phagocytes may take up the pathogen before it enters cells, while nk cells can directly recognize and kill cells infected with some intracellular patho
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MCGILLMIMM 314Dr.PalfreeFall

MIMM 314 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Nucleolus, Adenoid, Lamina Propria

OC128709 Page
Functions of the immune response a. b. c. d. Immune effector functions, such as the complement system of blood proteins, antibodies, and the destructiv
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