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Chapter 11

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NUR1 233
Sonia Elizabeth Semenic

Chapter 11 Nursing Care During Pregnancy First trimester weeks 113Second trimester 1426Third trimester 273840Diagnosis of PregnancySigns and symptoms o PresumptiveBreast changes 34 weeksAmenorrhea 4 weeksNausea vomiting 414 weeksUrinary frequency 612 weeksFatigue 12 weeksQuickening 1620 weeks o ProbableGoodell sign 5 weeksChadwick sign 68 weeksHegar sign 612 weeksPositive pregnancy test serum 412 weeksPositive pregnancy test urine 612 weeksBraxton Hicks contractions 16 weeksBallottement 1628 weeks o PositiveVisualization of fetus by realtime ultrasound examination 56 weeksFetal heart tones detected by ultrasound 6 weeksVisualization of fetus by radiographic study 16 weeksFetal heart tones detected by Doppler ultrasound stethoscope 817 weeksFetal heart tones detected by fetal stethoscope 1719 weeksFetal movements palpated 1922 weeksFetal movements visible late pregnancyEstimating date of birth o Nageles rule first day of LMP3 months7 days1 year o Another way add 7 days to LMP and count forward 9 months o Most women give birth during period extending from 7 days before to 7 days after EDB Adaptation to pregnancyMaternal adaptation o First step in adapting to maternal role is accepting the idea of pregnancy and assimilating the pregnant state into the womans way of life o Degree of acceptance reflected in womans emotional responses o Emotional lability increased irritability explosions of tears and anger and feelings of great joy and cheerfulness alternate with little or no provocation o Ambilvalence having conflicting feelings at the same timenormal response o Identifying with mother role begins early in each womans life when she is being mothered as a childsocial groups perception of what constitutes the feminine role can subsequently influence her toward choosing between motherhood or a career being single or married being independent rather than interdependent or being able to manage multiple roles o Reordering personal relationshipsAs family members learn their new roles periods of tension and conflict may occurNursing interventions promoting effective communication patterns between expectant mother and own mother and between expectant mother and her partnerMost important person to the pregnant woman is usually the father of her childnurtured by partner has fewer emotional and physical symptoms fewer labor and childbirth complications and easier postpartum adjustment2 major needs from partner feeling loved and values and having child accepted
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