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NUR1 239
Sandie Larouche

Musculoskeletal AssessmentSubjective data 1Joints pain stiffness swelling heat redness limitation of movement2Muscles pain cramps weakness3Bones Pain deformity trauma fractures sprains dislocations4Functional assessmentactivities of ADLs5Selfcare behaviorsInspectionNote size and contour of the joint Inspect the skin and tissues over the joints for colour swelling and any masses or deformity The presence of swelling is significant and signals joint irritationTMJ Temporomandibular jointInspection Symmetry Color SwellingPalpationWith the pt seated inspect the area just anterior to the ear Place the tips of your first two fingers in front each ear ask the pt to open and close the mouth Drop your fingers in the depressed area over the joint and note smooth motion of the mandible An audible and palpable snap ou clock occurs in many healthy people as the mouth opens Crepitus and pain occur with temporomandibular joint dysfunction Range of motion Ask pt to open mouth maximally vertical motionnormal space is 36 cm or 3 fingers between upper and lower incisorsAsk pt to trust lower jaw side to side Lateral motion normal extent is 12 cmAsk pt to stick out jaw Protusion without deviationAsk pt to clench teeth and palpate contracted temporalis and masseter muscles Compare firmness and strength again resistance
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