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NUR1 239
Sandie Larouche

Neurological Assessment Subjective Data 1Head injury2Headache3Dizziness or vertigo4Seizures5Tremors6Weakness 7Incoordination8Numbness or tingling feeling9Difficulty swallowing10Difficulty speaking11Significant past history12Environmental and occupational hazardsObjective data Testing cranial nerves Cranial nerve IOlfactory Tests sense of smellTest bilaterally by occluding one nostril than the other while asking the patient to close their eyes and identify a common smell coffee orange soap vanilla peppermint etc Use different smells for each nostrilCranial nerve IIOpticTest visual acuity and visual fieldsUsing the ophtalmoscope examine the ocular fundus to determine color size and shape of the optic diskUse Snellen chart for visual acuity pocket version 14 inches away normal 20 feetUse confrontation test for visual fields Position yourself 60 cm away make the patient cover one eye while looking straight at you with the otherCover your own eye on the same side as the patientTest up down right and left by advancing your finger inward from each pointAsk the patient to say Now when he sees your fingerNorm50 degrees upward 90 degrees temporal 60 degrees nasally 70 degrees inferiorly Repeat on the other eye
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