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Nutrition and Dietetics
NUTR 301
Peter Bender

NUTR301PsychologyContentsTuesdayJanuary102012KarinesnotesIntroduction1Psychology science of behaviourmental processWhy do we behave as we doAccount for human actionsWhy lose our temperevolutionary behaviourto surviveAddiction video games sex cocainedopamine gamblingDependent you want itAddiction your system needs itWhy do people skydiveGet a rush of dopamine serotoninWhat is intelligencePsychological basis for eating disordersCTESydney Crosbybecause of blow to the head chronic traumaticLeads to Alzheimer2Empirical EvidenceEmpirical based on dataresearch measurement observationPop psychologyDr Phil3Psychology vs PsychiatryPsychiatry medical modelMed school chemistry drugsPsychosis danger to selfothersschizophreniaPsychology normal problemsStressSleep disordersSexual dysfunctionEatingRelationshipAnger Weight controlAddictionscrossing the line genome project Two major forces1GeneticsChromosomes 46distinctly humanrd23 from mom 23 from dad 23 pair xx or xyBiological basis of behaviourDNAblueprint2EnvironmentIncludes prenatal environmentSmoke drugsOur behaviour is influenced by our worldKey rolecultureBasis of behaviourism school of thoughSkinner reinforcementKey force culture Both forces interact Ruberband hypothesis eg schizophrenia disposition x environmentThursdayJanuary122012IIIBRIEFHISTORYOFPSYCHOLOGY1Greek PhilosophersRaised questions about who we arePlato Socrates Injured soldiersmental injuriesbetter understanding of brain2Church Christianity all from GodLefthanded is sign of the devil Down syndromedivine punishment31750 Phrenology Structure of the skullGrab head and feel bumps to determine how a person is4Wilhelm Wndt 18321920Lab controlExperiments isolate variablesFirst to use scientific method5Darwin Evolution of BehaviourAdaptationWe adapt to our environment how humans have survivedlarge frontal cortexth620 centuryFreudTook world of psychology from labs rats and applied to real world situations Nazis put Freud on their death list Freud popularized psychology sons LOVE their mothers in a time when ankles are indecent controversialSkinnerPeople are lumps of clays shaped by reinforcementpunishment conditioning of porpoises trained to hit iron disks of German boats for fooddynamitesGerman UBoatsstop signpolice carHumanismMove away from psychology and into selfhelp Dr Phil triangle de MaslowComputer Models
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