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Descartes Meditation Four

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PHIL 200
Storrs Mc Call

thIntro to PhilosophyOctober 12Granted that I exist nowdo I have the power to insure that I will continue to exist a minute later Argument for existence of God God must exist because he has the power to keep things in existence to originate their existenceHow many times do we have to keep repeating to ourselves Cogito Ergo Sum Everytime you want to prove your own existence you have to say to yourself I think therefore I amI thought therefore I wasdoesnt work it works in memory When we think we remembered something but our memory plays tricks and false I will think therefore I will existYou cant guarantee your existence in the futureFour colour theorem example of proof colour a map with four colours and never have two adjacent countries being the same colour Meditation 4 In med 3 we have proved the existence of a good nondecietful God How can we explain that we as human beings go bad ever A good god would ensure that we always go right never do wrong Possibility of the existence of errorPeople fall into error ke
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