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Sense Data

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PHIL 200
Storrs Mc Call

thOctober 28Philosophy ConferenceSense data what we perceivemay be different than another persons Instead of thinking about the object we isolate the visual experience Most basic elementsbuilding blocks of our visual experience Visual sense data pixel on the screen a mosaic of colours Sensation vs Sense Dataact of experiencing the sense data Introduces the distinction to avoid confusionphysical object vs sense data the table is brownConfusion because theres no proof that the table actually is brown in realityAppearance doesnt mean illusion as it does for Platosense data only thing that we know for surething you immediately experienceReality physical objectswe can assume there arent any objects at all out of consciousnessThinks Descartes isnt critical enough in to cogitalself can change from moment to moment I think therefore I am When youre getting sense data its very clear You dont have an experience in yourself as you do with sense data No experience of ourselves D
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